Marcos e-commerce

Marcos Car Wash is a leading mobile car grooming service in India with 13,000 customers in its database, being featured in local media multiple times and was awarded best mobile car groomer in 2015.

To cope with increased bookings for car grooming service, Marcos needed to move away from its existing process of manually managing bookings to a digitised one. Marcos needed to move into the e-commerce era to propel its business growth further and wants a reliable and proven solutions partner to help therm embark on this journey the right way.

We rebuilt Marcos website from scratch into an e-commerce enabled one, based on the Magento 2 platform, with customised development of an online booking engine that incorporates industry best practices for user experience, allowing Marcos customers to effortlessly book and pay for their car grooming appointments in the shortest time possible with minimal fuss


SMR is one of the reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of premium quality Ghee products in India

SMR has many branches in india they have more than 2000 Sales person.SMR was facing difficulty in Managing Sales and POS Systems which are not Connected online , Each day invoices and Cash was difficult task to maintain for them. Aalavai has designed a Sales Force Management System for all the Linesman who have mobile POS with them to sales at various place which will be centralized connected and can be monitored , Admin can track the location of Linesman as well.Aalavai has given solution for Real time Sales monitoring,Increased Productivity,Analytics to measure and improve,Centralized data and communication,Planning and Execution made easier,Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and maintenance,Automatic Reporting,Attendance management

Like Clothing

Like Clothing started years ago as a seller on eBay selling clothes of popular brands when the first wave of internet and online buying hit. With competitive pricing and prompt customer service, Like Clothing soon became one of eBay’s top PowerSeller in Asia and subsequently went on to dominate other international online marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace and Lazada as well.

To create a sustainable advantage for the business in the long run however, Like Clothing knew that it could not solely rely on online marketplaces; it eventually needs to have its own branded e-commerce platform to sell on, so that it has total control over all aspects of the operations and build a direct following and relationship with its customers.

Taking all the above considerations into account, we chose to develop Like Clothing e-commerce site on the Magento platform, and enhanced it with a slew of code tweaks and customised fortifications to maximise its performance capability. The site structure was also largely rewritten to incorporate advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that ensure top search ranking results for watch related keywords across all major markets, particularly North America and Europe

Marcos Express Car Wash

Marcos Express Car Wash is a Startup in India Which was looking for the Customized POS Solution which can help to handle Accounts with GST , Aalavai has Designed an Hassle Free Pos Solution where all the Billings for the Services and the Accessories can be Managed and Bookings with Multiple Users can be done with Payment Gateway integration.

Mura Sons

Mura Sons is Clothing Store in Tiruvarur India Since 70 years. Client was looking for the Centralized System from which they can monitor the Billing Activities,Stock Activities,User Activities,Rate Card Manager , Discount , Coupon , PromoCode .

Aalavai has Designed System which helps Client to bill Customer from more than 60 nodes which is centralized and can be monitored timely,All the User Permissions , User Activities , Billing Counter Cash , Stock Management was built to make there Routine Hassle Free Activities.More than 500 bills per hour was monitored during season time .


Clone of Olx Website is on process for the South African Client who are building there Product with us in Magento 2 Ecommerce. Where multivendor and Users will have a market place to sell & buy goods online , which facilites people to have things with affordable price from their near Location.


Iyal India, one of the leading organic brand, they started their selling through WhatsApp bookings and Instagram DMs. As the team reaches 6K followers it was becoming quite difficult to handle and manage the customers.

In today's scenario where people are so productive and concerned about the time spent on the internet, this business with slow and medium replies often leads to loss their customer, when the picture and product presentation is a good one will click on the profile to know more about it, and when there is no website the customer has to wait for a long time to receive a reply wherein the only product price and details will be shared. again the conversation develops and thus it leads the customer to lose interest in the profile.

Iyal has come up with this challenge and they launched their website on the 1st-anniversary sale where the followers were around 11k within a month of the website launch now the followers are around 33K, which shows a 200% increased within a month. this is the power of E-Commerce and having their website. A customer is never restricted to know the values of the product or shop it if an organized website is designed. Humans can take rest, but the business won't, even the customers from different time zone can order a product without any hesitation at their convenient time. .

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